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"Are These Issues You Might Have?
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"Answers To Common Objections Raised By The Reasonable People"

Objection: Market Saturation!

The market will become saturated


The fact that our company launched in the late fall of 2007 means it is a significant ground floor opportunity. We have less than 10,000 members, yet there are about 2 billion internet users online! Clearly, some of the biggest internet fortunes can be made with a company that offers new things to the market that do not yet exist - but for which there is an explosive pent up demand.

Remember, we are a global company offering membership to anyone in the world. According to the number of people actively accessing the internet is as follows as of June 31st, 2010:

  • Asia 825 million

  • Europe 475 million

  • North America 266 million

  • Latin America 204 million

  • Africa 111 million

  • Middle East 63 million

  • Australia 21 million





These figures total 1.96 billion active users. That's a pretty big market.

Internet penetration is also interesting...


Take a close look at World Internet Users...


It's unlikely that there would be any market saturation for at least the next 25 years, and even then - it's still unlikely

Objection: I Cannot Afford It!

I can't afford it.


Let me answer this from 2 perspectives:

  1. From the perspective of a business owner
  2. From the perspective of an individual

If you are a business owner who is concerned about shrinking revenues and dwindling profits - or if you're interested in increasing the traffic to your business without having to spend a fortune on advertising - then the internet is a good choice to turn to simply because you can create the same presence as a McDonalds or Coca Cola online for next to nothing because of what we call free marketing methods. Not only that, but the internet offers better targeting ability than any traditional medium could come close to. The cost of our Total Marketing Program can help you create hundreds of thousands of dollars in effective marketing in an very short time frame for literally zero cost. Can you afford to ignore this?

From an individual's position, I would never encourage anyone to put themselves into a precarious financial situation that would jeopardize their family. But, to put things in perspective, we are not talking about mortgaging your home for a few hundred thousand dollars. We designed our opportunity so that anyone can gain access to it for as little as the cost of a weekend skiing - plus you can even pay for the program over time.

The question might instead be: "Can you afford not to participate?" What is your current situation?

Are you one of the many folks who fear going to the mail box because of the bills that might be in there? Are you one of the many people whose current career path has become uncertain because of any number of reasons? Do you work like a slave to make someone else rich while you continue to live a quiet life of desperation? Do you wipe your eyes in sadness because you can't give your family what you know in your heart they deserve?

Whatever your situation is, you ended up looking at our Total Marketing Program for a reason that is compelling to you.

What other options do you currently have in place to effect positive change in your life to the point that you can begin to enjoy the life that you were meant to live? Are you expecting any of these windfalls:

  • inheritance?

  • your current company making you a partner?

  • a windfall in stocks or real estate is coming your way soon?

  • lottery winnings?

  • something else?

If you continue to wait - will your present situation deteriorate further, or will it improve? Only you can answer that.

Will waiting even another month or two cost you more both emotionally and financially?

I don't mean to be disrespectful, but how many times have you looked at something BIG and passed it by because you thought you could not afford it?

I'm sure you've heard the amazing stories of people who either sold their record collection, or had a garage sale, or who took out a small business loan in order to pursue their dream ...and then months or years later, they had a chance to reflect on what they went through in 'those early days' to make it happen. Is this something you would be prepared to do? If you believe our opportunity can change your life, is achieving your dream worth that kind of effort?

Comparing the cost of our program to other things can be quite revealing:

  • no worthwhile franchise I know of starts at less than $100,000 start up. Take a look through your local real estate listings to see that what I am saying is true. Even then - none of them can compete with our compensation model for generating big money quickly. And would you really be willing to settle for a business where the most you could get for your budget is something like a janitorial franchise where you're working like a slave or servant to someone else for linear income?

  • even a hot dog stand requires several thousand dollars just for the trailer, equipment and accessories. And that doesn't include the cost of the food.

Now ask yourself one more time: "Can you afford not to do this?"

Objection: I'm Not A Sales Person!

I'm not a sales person.


I'm glad to hear that because that was one of our primary criteria for developing our affiliate opportunity. You see, most people hate the thought of having to 'sell' for a living. In fact, most sales people actually hate selling, but they do it because it generates bigger dollars than other types of career paths.

The secret to our business model is that we designed it to do all the selling, telling and convincing for you. One visit to your automated web site and a prospect gets the full story in a simple, fun and exciting process. I mean, you went through our videos on our web site. How did they make you feel? It explains everything (so you don't have to):

  • the benefits of the internet
  • our total marketing program (the product)
  • affiliate opportunity & compensation plan
  • training & support
  • even how to create the income

Will you ever have to talk to another person? Sure you will - that's because your name and phone number will be on the free replicated web site we provide you with. Will people call you? Yes - sometimes to see if you're a real person. The good news here is that you still don't have to be a sales person because all you have to do is invite any of your prospects to speak to your sponsor to get their questions answered. Remember, that in addition to the $1000, or $1200, or $1650, or $2200 direct sales commission that you get - - your sponsor gets a matching $1000, or $1200, or $1650, or $2200 direct sales override commission on EVERY piece of business you and your web site generate. Do you think they might be excited to help you virtually any day of the week knowing that they can get up to a 'grand' for providing simple support in the form of a phone call from you with your prospect 3-wayed in? You bet! And that is one of the BIG reasons why we are so different than any other program in the market place: because the HUGE money to be made is because of those matching direct sales override sales commissions that pay people for supporting their people! To prove this - just ask yourself this simple question: 'if I was someone who joined your business, would you be willing to visit with me and my prospect on the phone for 15 minutes if you knew that an hour later you could enjoy receiving a $1000, or $1200, or $1650, or $2200 matching direct sales override transferred instantly into your account electronically?' Point made!

Objection: I Don't Know Anyone!

I don't know anybody to sell to.


Fantastic! That's the other major benefit of our system. A big part of our training is teaching you how to drive quality traffic (i.e.: highly targeted people who want what you've got) to your web site.

And, unlike so many of the other companies in our industry, we don't just teach you PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing.

Yes - we teach you how to do that (PPC), but we also teach you how to drive traffic from other online sources, including but not limited to:

  • reverse marketing

  • article marketing

  • video marketing

  • blogs

  • forums & chat rooms

  • social media

  • piggy backing off other people who are already ranked in the search engines with banner ads

  • getting your sites ranked fast on the first pages in the organic listings

  • etc (there are dozens of online marketing methods - and most are free)

And, offline, we have over a dozen very powerful, lucrative tactics & strategies we will pass on to you where you can drive traffic to your web sites like crazy.

What's incredible is that most of these are either 'low cost' or no cost' marketing methods that you can learn fast!

Objection: No Time!

I don't know if I will have the time


Maybe that's why you really need this opportunity so badly? If you currently don't enjoy precious time with our family, or time invested in yourself doing all the things in life that are uniquely meaningful to you - then what is your life about anyway?

Is your legacy going to be one of stress & pressure and never having the time to enjoy and participate in all the meaningful stuff?

What would your life feel like if you could get out of that one big 40-hour-a-week meeting you call a job?

Your life might be fraught with 'stuff' right now, but if you don't 'find the time' to at least develop a strategy to eliminate all the things that cause you sorrow and hardship in your life ...then what the heck is going to change? Do you want to be in the same boat you're in today 5 years from now?

How much time do you have left in your life to make your mark and enjoy a rich lifestyle?

Don't be one of those people who reaches the end of their life and looks back in deep regret!

If you want change - then you have to change.

If you have no time - only you can make time.

Life is like a big wheel. If you don't make an effort to get off the one you are currently on ...then life will just keep going around in circles - and nothing will ever change.

Find the time. Do it now. Start to design your life the way you want to really live. Don't make the final chapter in your life be a tragedy when you can easily create an adventure with a phenomenal ending!

Make time! You're worth it!

Objection: I Must Talk To Someone Else!

I have to talk to someone else first (like a spouse or friend)


Are you looking for someone else's permission to create change in your life? Are you looking to get a 2nd opinion because you are excited about what you see - and you simply want to confirm it for good measure?

Whatever your reason is to consult someone else - which is your absolute right - please allow me to share some thoughts that may add value to your process of evaluating our opportunity, and empower you towards making the right decision for you...

One thing I have noticed from my years of marketing on and off line is this:

When a spouse runs home to their significant other (or their friends) to share their excitement about the new business opportunity they just saw - the reception they get can sometimes be devastating and exactly the opposite of what they expected. Why? Because your friends and family love you and they will do anything they can to protect you against making what they perceive is a bad decision. Remember - human tendency is to react negatively to something that we have no information on. And in your zeal to share everything that you saw with your family and friends, the weight of their negative attitudes can crush even Hercules.

What's the solution? Easy - tell them that their opinions are only welcome once they watched the same online video you watched. Tell them their opinions are only welcome once they make an effort to become fully informed themselves - and that might include having them listen to either your sponsor for a few minutes, or listening to the company on one of our short presentations (telephone conference calls) that run almost every day of the week. This way, you don't have to explain anything yourself (remember again - that is why and how we designed our system: so that the system can do all the explaining and convincing for you). Perhaps, after that kind of experience, your friends and family may want to even become part of your business when they see how dynamic it really is.

Why take negative advice from someone who EITHER knows nothing about what you are looking at, OR who has never enjoyed the type of success that you are after?

  • if you want to learn how to run a marathon, then seek advice from a runner

  • if you want to learn how to be a heart surgeon, then don't seek advice from a plumber!

  • if you want investment advice, don't ask a person who is in bankruptcy for their thoughts

  • and, if you want to know how to do this business - then we encourage you (and your family or friends who might have some influence in your life - who have zero experience with our business model) to hear from us so they get the full story and correct information

The other thing I want to leave you with is this...

All of these familiar people have something in common:

  • Sylvester Stallone of Rocky fame was told he was an idiot for even thinking he could produce and then act in his own movie. He was rejected by every major film studio in Hollywood before he finally decided to write, produce and act in his own creation. Today, he is one of the richest actors in Hollywood.

  • Colonel Sander of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame was told he would never succeed in having restaurants carry his secret fried chicken recipe. He was rejected by everyone when finally he deiced to create his own restaurant in his 60's. Today, his empire is worth almost a billion dollars.

  • A quirky looking university grad by the name of Bill Gates was laughed at and criticized when he dared to suggest that he could create an operating system that the world would use to run every computer system with. Today, he is one of the top 3 richest people in the world - and his personal fortune is greater than most countries!

What's the point of sharing all this? Simply to encourage you to go for the stars and reach your own dreams.

Will you encounter nay sayers! Flat out - YES! But it's your vision and your life. And, only you should make the final decision.

If you want to make 6-7 figures a year in this business then be sure to talk to people in this business who already get what you want

Objection: No One Succeeds At This!

I don't know of anyone who has ever succeeded at this


Just look on the internet and do a Google search for things and variations of 'Make Money Online', 'Internet Marketing', 'Online Marketing', 'Internet Mentoring Programs', etc (the list is endless) - and you will see hundreds and possibly thousands of links to web sites of people who have amazing success marketing online.

Honestly, whether you personally know anyone who has succeeded is irrelevant. What is relevant is that there are not just hundreds - but thousands of people who experience extraordinary success online.

Just because you don't personally know any realtors, stock brokers, MLMer's, or Affiliates who earn over one million dollars a year doesn't mean there aren't any - because there are tons of them. It just means you don't know any. Perhaps this business will allow you to start to get to know some of us.

Objection: Sounds Like A Pyramid!

This sounds like a pyramid


Actually, we're an internet marketing program that offers a free 2 tier affiliate program - which is nothing like a pyramid.

If you're referring to MLM, then you need to know that MLM pays out on multiple levels of people: one person stacked one on top of the other.

The word pyramid is so often misused. Often, people use it as a synonym for anything they don't know about - or are unfamiliar with.

Case in point: Multi Level Marketing companies. We are not MLM, but there are thousands of legitimate MLM companies with fantastic products. You don't hear about them because they aren't marketing in traditional media. The only marketing they use has been exclusively word of mouth up until recently with the advent of the internet. So, if MLM companies (for example) don't ever use TV, magazine, newspaper, or radio to market themselves - you simply won't hear about them. And, the only times when you do hear about them is when one gets into trouble for things like making claims about pills, powders or potions which apparently help people reclaim their health etc. I guess what I'm saying is the only times you hear about things that aren't advertised in the regular media is when there's a sensational story to promote. Good news typically doesn't sell newspapers or increase listener or viewer ratings. Bad news evidently does.

Why do I defend MLM? Easy. Multi Level Marketers represent a huge client base for us. The reason is that their companies typically haven't got a clue how to market online - and so they come to us to teach them!

In any event, you should know what constitutes an illegal pyramid and what constitutes a legitimate opportunity.

By the way, most everything in life (with some exceptions) are shaped in the form of a pyramid. It's not the shape people have a problem with, because the pyramid is probably the strongest structure ever created. You'll see it on the almighty US dollar bill. Everything from your family, to the government, to businesses & schools, and even the military are structured with a pyramid hierarchy. Let's look at a few examples:

  • With your own family...

    • mom and dad are at the top (2 max)

    • next are the kids (could be several)

  • In business...

    • the CEO is at the top (1 person only)

    • next are the Presidents & Vice Presidents (could be several)

    • then, you have the department heads and managers (generally a lot more people)

    • finally, you have all the employees (a whole lot more people)

  • In the military...

    • the Commander In Chief (the president of the USA)

    • all the Generals (usually a handful)

    • then, your officers (a bigger handful)

    • finally, all the troops (lots of people)

  • In you church...

    • the priest or pastor (one person)

    • the elders of the church (several)

    • the congregation (lots of people)

  • At your kid's school...

    • the principal (one person)

    • then, the teachers (more folks)

    • finally, all the students (lots of people)

With an illegal pyramid scheme, there is no legitimate movement or distribution of product. It's all about recruiting for the sake of recruiting.

With a legitimate company - like ours - you must have a legitimate movement and distribution of a valuable product (in our case, we're talking about our Total Marketing Program), and there must be an effort to move or distribute that product. It is the product that ads value to the opportunity. In other words, if the business opportunity did not exist, would the product(s) be able to stand by itself and would it still be in demand? If the answer is 'yes' then chances are you are looking at a legitimate opportunity.

Objection: I've Never Heard Of You!

How can this be so good if I've never heard of your company before?


Well, next time you're online, simply Google our name: or iMMACC and you will see over one million search results. Go ahead - do it now and then look in the top left corner under the place where you type in your keyword phrase.

You don't hear about companies like ours in the traditional marketplace because business like ours don't use traditional media to market themselves. 99% of the marketing is on the internet and word of mouth up (like with network marketing or affiliate programs).

So, companies in our industry don't ever use TV, magazine, newspaper, or radio to market ourselves - you simply won't hear about us ...until you go online (depending what you're searching for).

However, once you go online and begin to search for things like making money online, or home based businesses, etc - you'll hear a lot about our industry and the companies in it!

Objection: I Failed At This Before!

I was in a program like this before and failed.


That's very unfortunate.

Failure rates are especially high in things like:

  • Business start ups with any brick and mortar business that requires you to mortgage EVERYTHING just for a shot at success

  • Franchises - which aren't much better - and which soak you with rules, regulations, and huge royalty fees

  • MLM (where you have to be a great sales person and do lots of meetings),

  • or things like 1 UP or 2 UP or Modified Pass Up Programs where you have to pass all or part of your first few sales to your sponsor ...and then once you've done that, there's nothing in it for them to support you.

Because of our matching overrides - you have unlimited support from your sponsor because while you can earn $1000, or $1200, or $1650, or $2200 in both direct product sales commissions - - they will earn the exact matching direct sales overrides every time they successfully help you.

Failure rates are also high in affiliate programs that offer puny tiny little pay outs - so small that you have hardly any dollars to market them with online.

In addition, our marketing system is as close to automated as you can get. You just have to watch our online videos one time to know exactly what this program is and what it is all about.

There are no guarantees in life - but there are definitely better choices.

Take the time to review all the other choices you have - and then come back and evaluate us in the light of all those other choices.

We have arguably the best marketing program, the best mentoring and the best coaching in the industry - including what we thing is the best support and most lucrative affiliate compensation program (it's so simple to understand that a 14-year-old can understand it the first time around).

Because of our wide margin of profit (big pay outs) - and especially because of our matching override direct sales commissions, even if you had just one sale each month and that person makes just one sale a month - you would generate $2000 a month.

In any other business - that kind of performance would spell failure. But - with us - it spells success. Then imagine what would happen if you had 10 people in your business (even if it took you a year to get just 10 people); if they each made 10 sales per month - you would generate over ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

I'm not promising that will happen. But its a pretty powerful example because it involves a small number of people when compared to something like network marketing where that kind of production would generate only about a tenth of that kind of income with many of those companies.

Objection: I Need To Make Money First!

I need to make some money first


Don't you think the whole point of having a business like this is to make money?

  • That is like a person whose business is bleeding financially telling their advertising rep that they will advertise when business improves!

  • It's like telling a personal fitness trainer that you will hire them once you've lost a few pounds first.

  • It like telling an insurance salesman that you'll consider insurance after you have an accident.

It just doesn't make sense. If you need to make money and you have no other options, then you have to consider something ...don't you?

So - unless...

  • you have an inheritance coming,

  • or unless you're pretty sure the lottery ticket you bought last week is a winner,

  • or unless you're OK with being in an MLM program for the next 5 years before you can start earning a couple thousand dollars a month,

  • or unless you enjoy getting out and pounding the pavement by doing one-on-one in-your-face direct sales might want to consider a virtually automated online business like this where you can achieve your dream with just a few hours of work every day with your family and friends around.

Objection: What Will They Think?

My spouse / friends / family are negative about this sort of thing


What would my co-workers think?


Truthfully, don't you think the opinions of people who have either failed or never done a business like this are irrelevant to your own ability to be successful?

I would encourage you to speak to people who are successful with this business versus listening to the comments of people who don't even know what this business is - or whom have never experienced success for themselves.

  • If you wanted to be a heart surgeon, you likely wouldn't seek advice from a plumber.

  • If you wanted to get money advice, you likely wouldn't seek advice from a person who just declared bankruptcy.

Take the time to listen to the successful people who already live the dream you want to live yourself. Ask your sponsor to invite you to a conference call where you can listen to millionaire business people share their stories, advice, tips, tactics and strategies for creating wealth with our business.

Objection: I'll Wait & See How You Do First!

I want to wait and see how much money you make this year first before I get in


Don't you think that's kind of like someone throwing you a life preserver because you're drowning in the middle of the ocean, yet you won't take it until you see the person beside you being saved first?

With that 'wait and see attitude' you could be in far worse shape financially than you are today (if that's applicable).

Do you really think it is relevant to see how much your sponsor earns with this program before you do anything with it yourself? That's like going to run a race but waiting to see how everyone else does first before you start to run yourself. The only possible outcome you can have is last place!

What matters is if you are willing to treat this like a business yourself, and if you are diligent and consistent with your work ethic, and if you follow up and follow through with people, etc.

It works the same for you too. Can you imagine someone telling you that they want to wait and see how you do in the next year before they join your business? Imagine how much money they would be leaving on the table. And how well you do has absolutely no bearing on how well they will do either.

This kind of a philosophy is pervasive in people who have little faith in themselves. What they don't realize is that they must have to have a solid belief in themselves before they can do anything worthwhile in life including this business.

The greatest accomplishments in the world have been achieved only because people had a belief in themselves that was not predicated by what someone could do or could not do. There is NO exception to this fundamental fact.

Can you imagine the tragedy that would strike a person's life if they waited to see how someone else's marriage went before they got married? Or, if they waited until their friend went through university for 4 years first before they themselves decided to go to university? Or, if you waited to see how someone else did on a driver's test before you went to take your own driver's test for your car? It would be crazy!

You just have to spend 15 minutes on the internet to see hundreds, and thousands of people who are making significant income with online businesses like this. There are no guarantees in life, but I can assure you that if you keep on doing what you have been doing - you will keep getting what you have always been getting.

Are you OK with that?

Objection: How much do you make! How many people have you recruited?

I want to know how much money you are making before I join


That's one of the most unfair questions to ask any person whether they are beginner or a seasoned professional. In addition, it is highly illegal for distributors of any company that markets a business opportunity to make any statement of earnings if it is used as a means (knowingly or unknowingly) to induce someone into joining any business opportunity. That includes being baited by someone who asks you 'what you made last month or last year'. We have a corporate policy that warns associates against making such claims - even at the request of a prospect. It is that kind of activity that leads to legal challenges. As a result - we may terminate a member for violation of this policy.

It's also a deeply offensive question for some people that falls into the same category as:

'how often do you have intimate relations with your spouse?'

'what did you gross last year?'

'can I see a copy of your 1099 or t-4'

The truth is: how another person does in a business is totally irrelevant to how well you will or won't do in the business.

Will you choose to treat your business like a business? Will you be diligent in your efforts to learn everything that is taught you? Will you choose to serve people and commit to seeing their success before you own - knowing that being a servant is one of the fundamental keys to creating personal abundance for yourself?

People who ask this type of questions typically EITHER have no belief in themselves and are always looking for proof or evidence 'that they can do it' because they have doubts that they can really operate their own business - OR - they are genuinely fearful of taking that step towards being a home based business entrepreneur.

The best thing a prospect can do to build their belief OR overcome their fear is to be diligent in their research of our opportunity:

Do the products have real value? Are they unique, proprietary, and exclusive? Could they stand alone if separated from the business opportunity?

Does the compensation plan make sense when you do the math? Is it easily underst­andable? Does it look genuinely achievable? How does it compare to everything else that exists in the market? Is it unique? Is it a powerful drawing card for other potential business builders? Does it offer leveraged earnings potential? Is there a residual component?

Objection: They Make All The Money!

The only people who make money at this are the ones at the top


That may well happen in an illegal pyramid or gifting scheme, but this is not a pyramid. We're not even shaped like a pyramid - you know, where everyone is stacked one on top of each other.

With our company, you earn money every time someone visits your web site, and you let your web site do all the selling, telling and convincing for you.

The most important thing is that you can only make money when a real product pack is sold.

Here, we're talking about tens of thousands of dollars of internet marketing products & incredible industry specific videos which you have master resale rights on.

Pyramid schemes by contrast make their money by sheer recruitment, and they sometimes try to show value by giving a book of worthless coupons.

The only person at the top of your business with us is you & your sponsor ...and your sponsor will earn a matching direct sales commission on every piece of business that your business generates.

That's a fantastic incentive for your sponsor to support you - don't you think?

And guess what - you'll be able to earn those exact same matching override direct sales commissions on all the business generated from the people who join your business.

Objection: No Money Or Funds!

It's too expensive


Expensive compared to what?

The business start up cost with us is no more than a weekend of skiing at an average resort.

You cannot get into any worthwhile franchise I know of for less than $100,000.

The other thing you should know is this: the failure rate with most franchises - although better than regular business start ups - is over 60%.

Most of the real good franchises top one million dollars.

And, if you're looking at starting your own business - well, that's even more money. A hot dog stand alone will run you several thousand dollars.

Beyond that - can you actually name one business for under $100,000 that can pay you up to $30,000 in direct sales commissions your first 30 to 60 days?

You would be hard pressed to come up with just one name - let alone a handful of names.

And, with those other business start ups, most people have to mortgage their house, spouse, kids and dog just to have an opportunity to fail. And if they do fail - they lose it all!

With this business model, there's hardly anything to lose, and because of our low start up cost, you make just one or two sales from your automated web site - and you're already in positive cash flow!

Objection: They Said They Were #1!

Are you better than any of the other programs out there?


We think so. No one else has 4-figure 100% matching override direct sales commissions - which spells tremendous, unmatched opportunity for leveraged earnings. Few other companies offer a commission able monthly fee which pays you 50% of every monthly fee. No other company in this industry has anywhere close to the several hundred hours of archived video training that we do - let alone three 60 to 120 minute mentoring sessions each week.

Just follow your intuition and be sure to use good judgment while you conduct your due diligence and you will come to know the "who's who" in this industry.

I encourage you to complete your due diligence and go with the company that is the best fit for you. We're confident you'll love what you see with us because we strive to be the best!

Objection: Everybody Markets The Same Words!

Won't everyone be marketing the same keywords in PPC (Pay Per Click)?


No they won't. Watch this...

There are thousands of different key word combinations you can use to market your business. I'm going to only share a few basic examples...

  • make money
  • make money online

Now start to use qualifiers like...

  • on line
  • on-line
  • internet
  • web
  • etc

Now, start to insert synonyms for money...

  • cash
  • income
  • etc

Now, insert some adjectives in your sentences...

  • easy money
  • big money
  • huge money
  • make money fast
  • easy ways to make money
  • etc

Now, ad in more variables like...

  • work at home
  • work from home
  • home based business
  • home based biz
  • home biz
  • home business
  • business from home
  • affiliate program(s)
  • franchise(s)
  • online business(es)
  • network marketing
  • direct sales
  • etc

The truth is, you could expand this list into 25,000 different keyword phrases and variations.

Then, don't forget all the other niches out there too, including:

  • Christian businesses
  • businesses for moms
  • mentoring programs
  • how to advertise online
  • learn internet marketing
  • marketing ideas

There are literally millions of different search terms you can use!

Not only that, but there are dozens of other online techniques we will teach you too that drive traffic - but you must be a paid member to learn about those. We're only sharing this information because its pretty basic - and our mentoring will take you light years ahead of this stuff.

Objection: Only The People At The Start Make All The Money!

Only people who get in at the start make all the money!


While there is tremendous opportunity to being involved in something when it first launches is absolutely true, I want you to know that many of a company's biggest income earners do not start at the beginning because they didn't know about it.

We happen to be at the ground floor stage with this company which is very exciting, and it is very possible that some of our biggest income earners might include some of those people who joined us within the first year or operation - but the truth is - many of the biggest income earners of any company do not join at the beginning.

Out of all 6 billion plus people on planet earth, you have a chance to find just 10 people who will find 10 people themselves. If those people all generate 10 sales each month - you are an internet millionaire! Just look at our compensation plan!

This opportunity is not like MLM where you need to have a downline of 500,000 people in order to make a million dollars a year. And, clearly - there are many distributors in MLM companies all over the world that achieve success like that. But - the reality of it is - each company only has a handful of people who earn that kind of income.

In our business structure, we can have extraordinary numbers of huge income earners because of our huge pay outs. Just do the math and be prepared to get blown away with excitement!



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